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—  EAT  —



—  Nuts & Olives (vg) —
Mixed sweet and savoury nuts, house marinated olives, orange zest and herbs.

— Poutine —
Saint Ambroise stout gravy, cheese curds, white cheddar, parsley & chives.

Add sauteed mushrooms +$3

Add cubed double-smoked bacon +$5

Add Oyama sausage +$6

—  Maple Miso Brussels Sprouts (vg) —
Maple miso glazed brussels sprouts and squash, toasted pine nuts.

— House Fries (v) —
Hand cut, drizzled with house-made ketchup and aioli. Add cubed double-smoked bacon +$3

—  Cheddar Corn Fritters (v) —
Deep-fried corn batter, chives, chipotle crema and drizzled honey.

—  Chicken Wings  —
Salt and pepper, Sweet chilli or Hot chipotle.

—  Seasonal Vegetables —
Roasted local produce.

—  Jumbo Butter Prawns —
Pan-fried garlic butter, white wine. Eight per serving.

—  Mussels  —
White wine sauce, tomatoes, chives with toasted baguette


—  Tomato Bisque Soup (vg) —
House made tomato soup, croutons, chips and olive oil.

—  Cauliflower Parsnip Soup (v)  —
Roasted cauliflower and parsnip cream soup, white cheddar, basil truffle oil, crispy onions, toasted pine nuts.

—  Chicken Noodle Ramen  —
Miso chicken dashi soup, noodles, chicken chashu, soft egg, nori, fried shallots, scallions..


—  Barley Risotto (v) —
Cremini and shemeji mushrooms,peas, Grana Padano, truffle oil

— Bangers & Mash  —
Two locally sourced sausages, house mash, brown gravy, peas, crispy onions..

—  Wild Boar Gnocchi  —
Hand-made potato gnocchi, wild boar bolognese, Grana Padano, toasted pine nuts, basil truffle oil.

—  Lamb Shepherd’s Piei  —
Braised lamb shank, lamb filling, potato mash, red wine lamb jus reduction.

—  Roast Cornish Hen  —
Butter-sage, oven-roasted half cornish hen, cannellini beans, fingerling potatoes, stuffing, brown gravy.

—  Tuna Steak  —
Seared panko pistachio-crusted ahi tuna (sashimi-grade), avocado olive nicoise salad, wilted tomatoes, sweet chili soy glaze.

—  Bison Steak  —
Bison striploin (medium-rare), pressed scallop potatoes, sautéed greens, red wine gravy, pesto.

Add three jumbo prawns +$9


—  Sliders  —
Choose between beef or veggie. Three per serving.

—  Lamb Meatballs  —
Hand-made, mole sauce, whipped feta. Four per serving.

—  Gorgonzola Hot Pot (v) —
Melted Gorgonzola cheese, mushrooms and toasted baguette.

—  Ricotta Beet Salad (v)  —
Hand-made fresh ricotta cheese, mixed beets, balsamic reduction, pine nuts, artisan lettuce, wilted cherry tomatoes.

—  Bison Tartare  —
Minced bison, grainy Dijon, shallots, chopped olives and cornichons, sea salt, free-run egg yolk, root chips.

—  Six Acres Board Platters  —
Sausage Board $22

Cheese Board (v) $19

Mixed Board: sausage, cheeses and a selection of other appetizers. $45


—  Dessert  —

Handmade daily, exclusively in-house